Why TodayAtOffice must be your HR software solution?

24 April 2020 4 min read

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The role HR has shaped from backend administration to frontline strategic solution providers when companies become people focused in the past few years. The tedious job of managing the files and paperwork have restrained HR from being an integral part of the business. The modern HR tools have altered the scenario, and TodayAtOffice focuses on managing both in house and remote resources through engagement tools.

TodayAtOffice is not static software. It has adapted to new trends and revolutions from time to time and gets updated to provide the best solutions. TAO was completely cloud-based even much before the company's thought of replacing outdated HR software to cloud-based solutions. From TodayAtOffice attendance management system integrated with biometric attendance device to launch of remote work management application during COVID- 19, TAO has set expectations to all users that we are way before changes.

TodayAtOffice is designed in such a way that wherever in the life span of business you are, you can use the software with ease. There is no need for a designated HR if you are running a startup or a small enterprise. We help you to purchase our modules depending on the life span and no of employees.

HR Software Need cycle

How TodayAtOffice helps you to start your business

We help you with Payroll, employee management, and leave and attendance management, the three core HR modules any company should own, and invest first without breaking your budget.

Our payroll management system is the most simple and error-free system where it can be processed in one click. Together with the fully biometric integrated attendance system, we automate the system for you. We know that during the initial years of business many employees will be handling multiple jobs. So if your company is using traditional methods of data management it can carve a significant time of productive hours. Our employee management modules help you store and retrieve information in a single point.

How TodayAtOffice helps you to grow your business

Once we see your business is ready to take the next big steps our new modules will help you. Employee self-service modules help you to eliminate the needs of HR to do basic administrative activities and thereby HR professionals can concentrate on other strategic initiatives. Our reports and analytical modules are an open eye to watch the ups and downs in operations and help you to take the right actions at the right time.

How TodayAtOffice helps you to optimize your business

As your workforce grows, it is always demanding to optimize your business with new strategies. We help you to choose the best policies to come into action. We help companies with managing the remote workforce and in-house employees. We assure you confidence in managing multiple locations from a single point of communication. All you need to do is adapt the complete suite of HR software - TodayAtOffice.

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Knowing when to purchase and what to purchase always plays the best role in choosing the right HR software. We help you with that at affordable prices. Headout to our TodayAtOffice page and explore what all possibilities each module delivers you or contact our experts to get personalized recommendations.