The change in workplace trends every company should follow

03 July 2020 3 min read

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

COVID- 19 has been a traumatizing pandemic that anyone has ever experienced in modern society. In Spite of modern technologies, advanced health systems, and great leaders on top, it spread significantly and made us believe that there is no going back to normal life. Well certain things we experienced pre-COVID, will continue as it is and for some, it will be a ‘new normal’. Things are going to be different and people may become skeptical about changes, but sooner they will merge smoothly with the system. Let's examine how things are going to be different in the workplace and how each company should adopt it.

Remote workplaces

The transition of employees from office culture to WFH was faster than expected and they quickly figured out how to work. Most of the employees will love to work from home and companies may also encourage it, as it is reducing the administrative costs and is delivering productive work. Yet we can't say a complete transition will happen, but still, companies may have to find new methods for employee engagement activities and tools to make sure these trends are satisfying and have continuity.

Flexible workforce

Flexible work hours won’t be any longer a nice-to-have scenario. When employees started working outside the window of 9 - 5 work hours, productivity increased. Companies are now allowing their employees to select their working hours and are perfectly productive at home. Just like selecting the time schedules, employees may also choose between the office and work from home in the future.

Hierarchy-less workplace

Experienced or aged, all the workforce will be together teaming up during new workplace culture. There won't be any symbols of power like cabins, separate work stations for anyone as all communications will happen through video calls. Survival of heads by just supervising the work won't happen in new scenarios and no work identity theft will happen if the system is well monitored. The workforce will be accessed by the task they perform. No longer favoritism and discrimination will play its part in corporate culture, talents, and creativity will always be identified and nurtured through the new system.

E-Marketing trends

When challenges give opportunities, companies realized how effective was client communications and collaborations even in spite of travel restrictions. New trends in marketing will take place and companies will hire people who can sell products without seeing customers. By this, we eliminate the time taken to travel and reach out to more clients by remote marketing.

Image by Nout Gons from Pexels

For companies, coming out of lockdown will be getting into survival mode. Companies may have to monitor their employees, check through the loopholes, and have to understand the risk with confidential data leaving the office. Without a proper monitoring system, no company can make their employees productive and disciplined. You cannot monitor how much time they spend on a task, or whether they are actually working without adopting a workforce monitoring application. Follow the trends in the workplace and make your company survive by adopting best practices.