Data Warehousing & Analytical Solutions Data is what you need to do Analytics, and information is what you need to do Business.
Data really powers everything that we do We think analytically, critically, and creatively about your business problems and come up with solutions that influence the available data. Data is at the foundation of all of the trends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming. And we assure you that our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight with lower overhead costs.
10 years of collective experience in Data Warehousing Projects
Why choose TechNeurons Warehouse Solutions?

Better Data Quality

Our team identifies and resolves inconsistencies in data and thus improves the quality of analysis, reporting, and inferences. Accurate and up to date is what we ensure.


The Security of data is an essential aspect of our services. Business-sensitive data and any personal information you hold will be handled securely to adhere to regulations and to protect it from loss or theft.


Every business has unique requirements, so we provide you analytics tool that meets your specific requirements. Like several other organizations, your business might also want a custom analytics set-up that can fit right into your business operations.

Customer Service

We will be working closely with our customers, as we strive to help them solve their business data needs, and we provide them with seasoned professionals who are ready to solve their needs around the clock.


We ensure that system has the capacity to grow with your data and your business. Your requirements may not be huge right now, but this can grow faster with planned gathering and updating of data from time to time.


Based on the Organisation, users may include Marketing professionals, IT department, Database Developers, etc. We understand your needs by checking all the possibilities and perspectives and set up different access levels for your team or personnel.
Services Breakdown
Data base developments services

For more than 10 years, TechNeurons has been delivering database development services. Depending on our solid domain proficiency, Our team is always ready with solutions that meet the challenges of your business. We make sure your Data is Secured, Clean, Organized and Accessible to users that are authorized from multiple devices.

Data migration to cloud

A successful migration happens when no work is disrupted and thereby feels flawless to the organization. We make sure each data is migrated step by step while minimizing downtime and disruption to users. Our services are not only secure, but it is cost-effective and offers high performance.

Mobile data collection software

Collecting accurate, consistent, and reliable data for our clients is always our top priority. We are professionally flexible so that we can find you the best research designs and methods that suit each client's contracts.

Business data analytics

Our top-notch services in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Visualization enable us to extract the data from different sources and varied formats to accelerate that to actionable insights and right business metrics.

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