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We don't speak about our products, our products speak for us. TechNeurons founded in 2011 and headquartered at Cochin. Since its establishment, our company has achieved outstanding success in developing and delivering a stream of innovative solutions for projects and services in the global market. We see innovation as a clear differentiator, we challenge beliefs, concepts, and push it to boundaries. After 9 years, currently, we hold about 4 offices and active projects on multiple fields ranging from IoT to ERP. We believe that each of our products is unique, and we make sure that it is tailored to resonate with our company character.
Our Services
Cloud Architecture Migrations & Re-Developments Are you feeling limited due to your on-premises servers, then we offer you cloud solutions that provide scalability, speed, and cost-saving. We help you to throw away the technologies that hold you back and gives you an advantage over your competitors through cloud- computing services. Read More
Data Warehousing & Analytic Solutions We helps you to store your collected data and use it for decision making and other business processes like reporting, business analysis, and dashboards. We let you integrate any number of application data to find the desired solutions. Read More
Consumer & Industrial Automation We provide tailor-made, sustainable solutions for the manufacturing industry that includes conceptualization, designing, and prototyping of IoT solutions. Our offerings include process automation, network management, connectivity solutions, and many more. Read More
Enterprise Turnkey Solutions Are you looking for a solution but you have limited time and lacks technical proficiency, then choosing a turkey solution will be the best choice. You can get, ready to use and easy to implement solution for your current business process. Read More
Customised Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing Our services include end to end electronics & product design, real time enterprise IoT Integration including prototyping, commercial manufacturing and deployment in engineering environments from the ground up designs to commercial manufacturing. Read More
Cross Platform Business Applications & Solutions The right mobile solution helps you grow your business. We build high quality, scalable, and unique hybrid apps for IOS and Android with the help of an array of creative engineers’ expertise in UI/UX design, application development, and market analytics. Read More
GIS & Travel Automation Solutions TechNeurons provides custom GIS and travel automation solutions to aid in the seamless capture of information and the creation of interactive maps. Our solutions give insights from that data - from real estate to urban planning departments. Read More
Our Products
HR & Payroll Management Solutions No matter how small or big a company is, the management of human resources are always difficult. Choosing the right HR Management software helps you to maximise your productivity. Learn more
Work with us LIFE @ TechNeurons We at TechNeurons believe that everything's possible if you work together as a team. So no matter how big the challenge is, our team takes them on and finishes it.
Flexible WorkHours We help our employees find hours that suit their life and how they best work, so that they can contribute their best to the company. The world of work is fast changing. We make sure our employees are able to fit their jobs around other responsibilities.
Healthy Fridays Some hardworking folks put their job over personal health. Being in good physical and mental shape always helps them to do great at their job. We understand this and offer employees a series of activities that promote health and well-being.
Remote Working Options Working from home is a modern convenience that we have started to offer to our potential employees. How can we turn our faces when we can work in the comfort of our home and accomplish everything that can be done in a company's office space.
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