About Us

TechNeurons is a leading IT solutions provider that has been delivering innovative products and services to clients worldwide since 2011. Based in India, we have four offices and specialize in education, HR and payroll management, property taxation, ERP, IoT, and industrial automation. We have a strong track record of working on large-scale data handling solutions for e-governance applications and our software applications process terabytes of data every day.

At TechNeurons, we believe in the power of innovation and challenge traditional beliefs and concepts to push boundaries and deliver unique solutions that are tailored to fit the specific needs and character of each client. We see opportunities in challenges and strive to provide not just solutions, but opportunities for growth to our clients by thoroughly analyzing the root causes of their problems.

People are at the heart of everything we do at TechNeurons. We prioritize customer satisfaction and create a positive work environment that fosters creativity and long-term commitment among our employees. We believe in the importance of learning and development, and strive to create a work environment that allows our team to improve their skills and bring their ideas to fruition.

service  Web & Mobile App Development
service  Migrating Legacy Models to Cloud
service  Data Warehousing & Analytical Solutions
service  Consumer & Industrial Automation

Office Moments

Our goal at TechNeurons is simple: bring innovative technology to the masses and give our customers a level of satisfaction that can only be described as blissful. We have a team of experts from various domains working together to make sure our products are top-notch, and our professional culture allows us to collaborate with customers all over the globe.


Our Growth In A Few Words


Started Redefining Business Models

TechNeurons began in 2011 with a small team in Cochin, aiming to revolutionize business models. Today, we are an ISO Certified organization with three divisions, serving clients worldwide. Our focus on emerging technologies and dedication to excellence has propelled us to the forefront of our industry. It's been a journey of hard work and determination, but we've managed to turn our vision into a reality through top-quality resources and a relentless drive to succeed. Join us as we continue to make a mark on the world of business.


Established Hyderabad Business Centre

TechNeurons' business center in Hyderabad is conveniently located to serve major cities across India. The team of experts, innovative solutions, and technical methods are designed to turn your company's environment into a hub of creativity and progress.


e-Governance Solutions Provider

TechNeurons was given the opportunity to provide software services and custom electronic hardware to various government departments in South India. Since then, we have been developing efficient e-government solutions that leverage digital systems, networking infrastructure, and a commitment to quality, confidentiality, and data security.


Electronics Innovations Centre

We obtained the opportunity to provide software services and customized electronic hardware to various government departments in South Indian states. We are continuously developing efficient e-government solutions leveraging extents of digital systems and networking infrastructure with quality of operations, confidentiality and data security.

Some more info about us


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We will never compromise on the quality of our products, no matter what the circumstances may be.


Great Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art office space in the heart of the IT hub boasts everything your business needs to thrive.


We’re there, 24x7

We work 24*7, we share your same office hours.


Help When You Need It

You can count on our top-notch reliability and uncompromising support.


Industry Compliance

Our tools guarantee compliance with all industry standards.