TodayAtOffice Business driven, People focused No matter how big or small your company is, your business can't survive without a proper HR software. Even if you have only 10 employees, it would be a total nightmare to keep track of processes and complaints with spreadsheets, emails and paper files. We know it because to solve something first, you have to identify the problem. And our solution to you is TodayAtOffice.
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Why do we stand out ? Because we think out of the box.
We asked most of our buyers what factors caused them to start searching for new software. Lack of features was the most common reason, followed by systems that were too manual. We always know the fact that human resources will never be the same. We provide you with solutions that consolidate all core HR necessities in one platform and ease you with the management of data rather than data scattered on multiple platforms. Our solutions are all cloud-based and it is always a top consideration among HR leaders while choosing an HR software.
From the global market studies, companies are replacing outdated HR systems with modern dedicated or cloud-based solutions capable of keeping up with employees' expectations as well as the HR department's needs. Companies that started the HR tech revolution some time ago are now finding it difficult to maintain the abundance of systems in one company. Having an app for everything is a blessing in disguise. An average company uses four to five HR systems, which makes information workflow and controlling it a lot harder and more time-consuming. There's a real demand for "one-stop-shop" platforms built individually for business needs.
And we provide you such one-stop-shop platform TodayAtOffice
TAO can help you to optimize 9 key HR needs...
Employee Management Helps in Planning, Hiring, Managing and Analyzing Human Resources that span across multiple departments and locations.
Attendance Real-time attendance management for managing attendance and work shifts. Help HR leaders track, monitor, and manage the schedule of all employees.
Automated Notifications Notifications and alerts to all stakeholders at the successful completion of user-defined conditions.
Insights Tools that come with a builtin reporting tool which helps to turn data into compelling stories, motivate action, and encourage data-driven changes.
Cloud-based A cloud-based HR software allows organizations to create, manage, and maintain a centralized database that could be accessed at any time from anywhere.
Data Reconciliation Automatic data import/export minimizes data redundancy and human errors in the organization.
Employee Self Service Empowers employees by offering them an option to iew, edit, and manage their data (Personal and Work-Related).
Leave Management We help you with leave management with transparent multi-level leave approval and helps employees to know all details of leave history, leave encashments and balance in one click.
Payroll Processing Run error-free payroll and manage reimbursements and meet all statutory norms by integrating with other in-house software.
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