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Why TechNeurons? Grow with us, to infinity and beyond. We are a hub of like-minded people with an array of creative and innovative engineers and professionals. Our organization enables you to be completely fulfilled by finding meaning and purpose from your work experience. We enable our employees to have personal hope for the future and create value for customers and investors.
Our Vacancies Current Opportunities
Admin-Executive Number of Vacancies : 1 Apply Online
Business Analyst Number of Vacancies : 4 Apply Online
Senior Software Engineer Number of Vacancies : 4 Apply Online
.Net Team Lead Number of Vacancies : 2 Apply Online
Software Developer Number of Vacancies : 2 Apply Online
Software Developer Number of Vacancies : 2 Apply Online
AI & ML Engineer Number of Vacancies : 2 Apply Online
Technical Support Engineer Number of Vacancies : 4 Apply Online
Employee Benefits Why you should join us?
Flexible Work Hours It is proven that the human brain can concentrate on one thing only for 40 - 45 minutes, so have a break whenever you need, no worries.
Competitive Salary We assure you a competitive salary based on your skill set and how well you can contribute to the Company growth.
Amazing Work Culture We believe a great work culture can do wonders. That's why our employees always work together as a team and have each other’s back.
Healthy Fridays We know that happy and healthy employees will results in an engaged and productive workforce that's why we organise extracurricular activities every week.
Career Growth Opportunities You know what they say “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you can do the impossible”.
Remote Working Opportunities Some folks like to stay in their home the whole day while others like to spend time in a park, so from wherever you are working we don’t mind it.
Our Job Positions We don't really care about Titles, but these are some of our Job Titles:
Python Django Dev DotNet Dev NodeJS Dev PHP Dev AWS Devops iOS Dev Android Dev Flutter Dev React Native Dev Firebase Dev Product Managers Delivery Managers QA Engineers Automated Testers DevOps Engineers Operation Managers Business Analyst Technical Content Writers Lead Generation Executives Marketing Executives
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