Cloud-based HR Management Software to Revolutionize Your Workplace

We founded our all-in-one HR management software company ‘TodayAtOffice’ because we saw a need for a better solution in the market. As business innovators and technology enthusiasts ourselves, we were frustrated with the current options available. They were either too expensive, too complicated, or didn't offer everything we needed in one place.

We knew there had to be a better way. So, we set out to create an HR management software that was affordable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive.


We spent countless hours researching the needs of businesses and developing a solution that would streamline and optimize HR processes.

Our hard work paid off, and today TAO is used by companie's all around the world. We take great pride in having developed a product that has had such a favourable effect on enterprises. Managing HR is no longer a headache, but a seamless and efficient process that allows companies to focus on their core goals and objectives.

We're grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and help them succeed. We hope TodayAtOffice can make a difference for your business too.

How Does an HR Management Software Help Your Business Grow?

Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, hiring, training, developing and maintaining a company's most valuable asset, its employee's. HR management is not just a process, but it's a strategy that helps organizations manage their employee's in a way that will positively impact the bottom line. With a proper HR management software in place, organizations can identify and nurture top talent, manage compliance with labor and employment laws and improve employee satisfaction. With the help of TodayAtOffice, a company can ensure that its workforce is aligned with the company's goals and objectives. A company with good HR management practices can be more productive, efficient and successful.

However, companies that lack a proper HR strategy may face high turnover rates, leading to decreased productivity and profitability. In today's highly competitive business environment, companies cannot afford to ignore leveraging a good HR management software. Don't let your competitors gain an edge over you by not investing in HRM software. TodayAtOffice can provide all the features you need to effectively manage your workforce and achieve business success. Take the first step today and schedule a demo with us to see how TodayAtOffice can benefit your organization.

Why TodayAtOffice?

An industry-leading Human Resource Management software, like TodayAtOffice, is crucial for organizations looking to effectively manage and optimize their workforce. With the right HR management software, companies can automate and streamline HR processes such as onboarding, benefits enrollment, and performance evaluations. This not only saves time and reduces the risk of errors, but also enables easy access and sharing of employee information, such as contact details, job titles, and compensation with other departments like payroll and finance.

With TodayAtOffice, organizations can also track employee performance through tools such as goal-setting and performance evaluations. This allows managers to identify areas where employee's need support or development and make informed decisions about promotions and raises. With the employee engagement and Time and Attendance management features, TodayAtOffice can help in a comprehensive way to manage human capital which in turn can drive the business success.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with TAO


Achieve maximum efficiency in your HR management with our all-in-one tool. From employee management to payroll processing, our software has everything you need to streamline your HR processes and improve your business's performance.


Employee Management

TAO's employee management features allow you to efficiently plan, hire, manage, and analyze your human resources across multiple departments and locations.



Keep track of attendance and work shifts in real-time with TAO's attendance management tools. HR leaders can easily monitor and manage the schedules of all employee's.


Automated Notifications

Stay informed and keep all stakeholders updated with TAO's automated notification system, which sends alerts upon the completion of user-defined conditions.



Transform data into actionable insights with TAO's built-in reporting tool, which helps you turn raw data into compelling stories that motivate change and drive data-driven decisions.



With TAO's cloud-based HR software, you can create, manage, and access a centralized database from anywhere at any time.


Data Reconciliation

TAO's automatic data import/export feature minimizes redundancy and errors, ensuring accurate and reliable data across your organization.


Employee Self Service

Empower your employee's by giving them the ability to view, edit, and manage their personal and work-related data with TAO's employee self-service feature.


Leave Management

Streamline your leave management process with TAO's multi-level leave approval system, which also provides employee's with easy access to their leave history, encashments, and balance.


Payroll Processing

Run error-free payroll and manage reimbursements and meet all statutory norms by integrating with other in-house software.

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