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Why TechNeurons Industrial Automation Solutions

Through technological advancements in embedded computing, analytical thinking, and cloud computing, industrial automation has given us a new era of factories and industries. From sensors to machinery, we understand the key aspects of fully automated industries. We do not just focus on products but also making industries smarter through innovative business ideas. We always try to stay ahead of the innovation curve through quick adoption and application of technologies by continuously tracking and predicting the future of industrial space.

Our Key Offerings

Conceptualization, designing, and prototyping of industrial IoT solutions. Connectivity Solutions Capability: Thread, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, Ethernet and more. Industrial Sensor integration, gateway device/reference design, and System on Modules. Human Machine Interface (HMI) System Development, real-time remote monitoring system. M2M interfacing and network management. Process Automation and control using AI/ML.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Sometimes manual work can be very demanding with many risks hidden when it comes to working in a dangerous environment. We can automate such solutions where the situation demands a high degree of accuracy even though it is physically demanding.

More opportunities for Customization

Smart factories will enable manufactures to increase flexibility in production. By increasing automation through the use of sensors and configurable robots on the assembly line, they will be able to mass-produce items built to individual consumer orders and specifications.

Higher Quality Products

Automating the product development cycle will make sure that we have less variability in products compared to human work. When basic tasks are automated, the production team gets more time to finish the product and thus mprove overall quality.
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