Remote workforce monitoring software

Fully automatic and most effective remote monitoring software ensuring 100% Productivity benchmarks.

With COVID- 19 on our doorsteps, companies worldwide are forced to make their employees work remotely. Employee productivity is hugely impacted as there is no effective monitoring system. With TodayAtOffice remote workforce monitoring application you can manage your employees without worrying about productivity.

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Throw away your worries about an unproductive workforce and mismanaged system. We help you to track your employees in a 360-degree model to make sure the job is getting done. With the uniqueness of the company working style, we have made our solutions that are suitable for all industries.
Time Tracking Cloud-based software allows tracking of an employee's online activity, presence, idle time and breaks. Therefore helping to reduce the misuse of office hours.
Employee Logs Remote tracking software integrated with TodayAtOffice software, synchronizes the logs automatically on a real-time basis and helps to process the salaries directly with fully packaged software eliminating the sheets.
Productivity Analysis Analyze employee’s productivity with the time spent on work duties, social networks, messengersand other unproductive sites or applications.
Auto Screenshots with photographs Captures the photographs and screenshots at regular intervals to ensure that your remote employee or freelancer is right in front of the system and helps you understand their activities.
Time Utilization View the daily reports on hours spent on specified classes such as documents & spreadsheets, projects, Emails, Work chat, files & folders, entertainment, etc,.
Keystrokes Every keystroke is recorded so that it captures every single key typed during the work shift which allows you to measure the work and also helps to identify the junk entered during the productivity hours.
Deputize your user Assign user-specific roles with restricted access permissions to managers, team leadsor HR to track and review the productivity and activity, when integrated with TodayAtOffice Project Management
Customized Reports Generate the logs and productivity reports on weekly, monthlyor according to the required custom dates for better insights.
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