An optimistic approach during COVID 19 - Transforming risks to opportunities.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has halted normal life and the people across the globe are fighting it. In times of this crisis, here is how TechNeurons is dealing with the situation and giving the employees hope.

07 May 2020   3min read

COVID -19 has impacted every sector of the economy, and the uncertainty this situation makes can lead to anxiety and a sense of helplessness for many people. TechNeurons have taken every step to maintain emotional equilibrium by making the employees understand that we do have control over the situation and to a very large extent it have reduced the fear among employees. We were able to closely monitor the situation and forecast the risk associated with it, much before it landed on our operational areas.

Just like how we believe each risk has given us opportunities to improve, our business continuity plan has helped us to work 100% productive with utmost customer satisfaction at this adverse situation. Our efforts in this situation are to make sure our workforce is healthy and our business is running.

What is TechNeurons doing now?

  • Mandatory travel restrictions and social distancing to all staff working in TechNeurons.
  • Working from home options in all TechNeurons operational areas.
  • Weekly analysis of COVID - 19 situations and business continuity strategy meetings.

How TechNeurons take care of employees?

How well an organization mitigates the COVID - 19 situation is closely associated with how much we care for our employees. Keeping the workforce busy is the only way to distance them from fear of job security. From the initial weeks of lockdown, TechNeurons were able to implement the work at home application with an effective monitoring system. By changing the work process, introducing new KPI’s and through succession planning, the pandemic situation is more than under control.

How TechNeurons take care of customers?

More than ever, it is critical that we assure our customers continuity in operation. Even at this challenging time, we make them trust that they can count on us to support their business. On top of all, our employees' health and welfare is our priority, as most of our workforce is working from home. While at the same time serving our customers, we’re working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe.

How TechNeurons take care of Society?

In an effort to help people affected by lockdowns and isolations TechNeurons have developed an interactive Epidemic Management System - RED. The program will assist people with getting their necessities during quarantine, restricting the movement of people who are under observation, and also assisting the authorities with epidemic management.

How you can protect yourself against the Corona Virus.

We are not helpless against this virus. In this situation, understanding how an organization and its employees respond to this changing situation is the greatest achievement ever. Adapting new proactive strategies for managing the workforce, satisfying customers and clients, and implementing business continuity plans, all together can manage this crisis and be prepared for what comes next.