Learn how TechNeurons increased productivity twice as that of before COVID- 19.

13 May 2020 3 min read

Image by Moose Photos from Pexels

Pandemic and natural calamities never give us time to be prepared. It hits us from the root and makes us unstable to stand and fight back. Here is how TechNeurons stood against the odds and prioritized supporting employees and customers, and in parallel we reshaped the business to align with changing demands and found new paths to grow and succeed.

Before COVID- 19, the IT industry faced many challenges from security risks, real-time decision making, workforce productivity, and business continuity risks. Once when we reached the other side of a pandemic it was important to establish long term strategies. It was quite a task to assign tasks, make sure employees are keeping track of time, and are working productively from home.

TechNeurons solved the problems with effective Work from home monitoring systems.

We implemented an effective monitoring system

With our effective work from home application, we monitored our employees through automatic time tracking, live capturing of their photographs and work screens. We made sure any employee can continue their work in remote spaces with the help of a laptop and a stable network, all in the comfort of their home and in comfortable clothes.

We keep our employees engaged

We not only implemented a work monitoring system, but we also launched a work management system where we made sure every employee is getting sufficient activity assignments to complete their productive hours and keep them engaged. We encouraged daily meetings to resolve issues and stay connected.

We respect the need of comfort for our employees

While we thrived to achieve no productivity drop, we made sure our employees are comfortable working in their homes. We made the working hours flexible to take breaks when needed and choose the best place in their home to work. Only together with employee satisfaction, we can make sure productivity can be improved.

Image by Kaboompics from Pexels

TechNeurons, together with our Key HR software TodayAtOffice, we implemented the best remote work monitoring system in the market during the initial days of lockdown and got remarkable results. Our productivity doubled from work from home than work from the office system. We have tailored the monitoring system in such a way that it can be further implemented in the office environment too. We found opportunities from each risk and rewired all the fixes needed in the system and came with a much productivity boosting program. After completing almost 2 months of lockdown our production is smooth and the workforce is happy. Sanitize your hands and your systems just like us and start using the best practices