Vehicle Tracking

Today’s advanced tracking technology is helping improve businesses, customer start expecting more when it comes to fast deliveries and one-time service. Vehicle Tracking devices are installed on cars, buses ,vans ,trailers, boards barges etc., and almost any other mode of travel or utility vehicle that you can monitor.

To Monitoring all of your vehicles or fleets at your desk and view all the vehicles in map at a time. Using this we can analyze day2day, monthly and yearly productivity also. Using this securely manage vehicles and fuel .Using this we can minimize thefting vehicles.

Give a call, We will provide efficient, profitable and secured client satisfied support in Real time vehicle tracking system with a good business.

We can support in any scenarios of tracking vehicles or fleets .Services we worked on

  • Global Positioning System(GPS).
  • Vehicle Tracking in Real –Time and location at regular intervals
  • Collected data from mounted vehicle hardware unit is transferred to web application .
  • Tracking the vehicle / truck on a map to a point with accuracy.
  • Vehicle speed data with time stamp.
  • Online and Offline tracking.
  • Sending update information using emails and SMS alerts.
  • Providing Various Types of reports as per client required formats.
  • Maintaining History of the vehicle.
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